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Leona Munro

Licensee Salesperson


Professionalism and integrity are words often bandied around by real estate agents. However, Leona Munro asks to be defined by her actions and her results.

Leona’s actions and the sales she achieves for her clients speak louder than mere words. She is a Ray White multi-award winning agent recognized time-and-again for her exceptional customer service and attention to detail. This means whether you’re a seller or a buyer working with Leona is a collaborative process rewarded with outstanding results.

Dunedin born and bred, Leona truly goes further to ensure every property she sells is presented at its best, encouraging buyer interest and maximising sales results. She won't rush a property to market, Leona works with sellers using her impeccable sense of style and understanding of the local real estate market to ensure every house she sells looks outstanding for photos and open homes.

Leona's eye for detail which helps guide sellers in property presentation is again brought to the fore when it comes to marketing the home. Sure, in a busy market like Dunedin any agent can sell a house but Leona, supported by her assistant Mike Burn, maximises the number of people visiting each house over a campaign of at least two weeks to ensure the best result. Over more than 15 years specialising in the Dunedin property market.

Experience and knowledge comes to the fore with Leona's understanding of real estate sales legislation and contractual obligations, another way she supports sellers and buyers and ensuring she provides a stress free experience for her clients.

All this attention to detail, practical support and Dunedin real estate sales knowledge are why Leona Munro consistently receives a customer satisfaction ratings of 10 of out 10 - in other words top marks at 100%. Leona Munro is judged upon her results and that's the way she prefers it.


  • 2020/2021 - Premier Performer
  • 2019/2020 - Premier Performer
  • 2018/2019 - Premier Performer
  • 2017/2018 - Premier Performer
  • 2017 - Premier Member (NZ)
  • 2016 - Executive Performer (NZ)
  • 2015 - Executive Performer (NZ)
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