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Alana Carroll

Licensee Salesperson

A true Dunedin native, Alana's 'sell it straight' ethos cuts through in the local market. Her career, shaped by service in the RNZAF, NZ Police, and family business ownership, amplifies her commitment to honesty and integrity in client dealings. Alana's dynamic fusion of communication prowess, problem-solving skills, and unwavering dedication make her the optimal guide for those navigating significant financial decisions. Trust and confidence, integral to Alana's career, are bolstered by her deep community knowledge, providing immense value to both sellers and buyers. Beyond her real estate acumen, Alana's keen interest in DIY and practical mindset effortlessly uncover potential and gains in properties. As a mother of three teenagers, she has mastered time management, ensuring tireless efforts for the best client outcomes while upholding transparency and authenticity.